What We Do

In the collaborative world, business communications are fundamentally different. New thinking, new tools, and new ways of working together disrupt the status quo. We must rethink how we communicate in every business relationship: with customers, employees, partners, investors, and even influencers. Yet your voice must cut through the noise to tell your story.

At JW DeWitt, we help you find your voice, engage your audiences, make your impact, and tell your story in any business context: marketing and sales, media and publishing, public and social relations, education, and events. Collaborating with clients and partners of all sizes, worldwide, we simplify complex business stories. Our communications strategies, programs, and content foster connection, community, and sales in the collaborative business world.

Let's work together [contact us] to tell the story of your business. JW DeWitt: Business communications for the collaborative world.

JW DeWitt: Marketing, Publishing, Public and Social Relations, and Sales Firm

Based in New Salem, Mass., USA, JW DeWitt was founded in 2002 by John W. DeWitt, a business journalist, executive, entrepreneur, and collaboration pioneer since 1985. JW DeWitt specializes in communications for complex and technical markets, industries, and communities.

JW DeWitt leads strategic conversations with customers, senior executives, partners, media, and other stakeholders and influencers to shape the way our clients and partners tell their business stories. We develop and manage end-to-end strategic communications initiatives and turnkey programs for clients of all sizes. We partner with a wide network of firms and organizations to deliver the best solution for your needs.

Marketing —We are strategic storytellers for your business, with the capability to create and deliver informative, influential content to any audience, via any medium, worldwide.

Publishing —Business and trade media used to be your gateway to the world. Today, you can make your own news through a variety of media and tell your story directly to your audiences. We provide a complete turnkey print and online publishing operation, with programs tailored to your needs.

Public and Social Relations —We've integrated deep expertise in business storytelling, public relations, online search, and social media to offer our clients and partners powerful, integrated approaches to traditional and new media-print, broadcast, online, social, short message, blogging, and e-communities. It takes the right story, told in the right mix through the right media, to meet your needs and the demands of your audiences.

Sales —Only senior-level, in-house sales executives handle our lead generation and sales programs. We reach out to our client's prospects as peers. Sales strategy and goals inform everything we do for every one of our clients and partners. For some clients, we also deliver meetings with highly qualified prospects; for others, we develop and manage end-to-end sales programs, from marketing and prospecting all the way to the close.