Who We Are

The JW DeWitt team is at home in virtually any industry or professional context. Our core staff includes writers and editors, creative directors and graphic designers, Web developers and technology specialists, public and social relations professionals, administrators and project managers, and sales directors. JW DeWitt's multidisciplinary skill set includes brand and messaging development, strategic planning, event and meeting facilitation, design for print, electronic, and interactive media, telemarketing, and sales. When additional expertise or enhanced scale is needed, JW DeWitt can also tap into an extensive network of on-demand marketing, publishing, public/social relations, and sales capabilities and support.

John W. DeWitt, founder and principal of JW DeWitt, has been a business storyteller for nearly 30 years, after beginning his career in newspapers. A journalist, executive, entrepreneur, and collaboration pioneer, John is a widely published business author and veteran communications consultant whose current and former clients include more than 100 companies and organizations across numerous industries and sectors.

Michael Ruocco, creative director, began his career in advertising as a copywriter and continued through various levels of marketing and business management. In the 1990s he found his true calling in creative design, and at JW DeWitt, Mike is involved in creative development for print, online, and broadcast media along with project and client management. His own professional clients include the National Park Service, several banking and financial institutions, and an array of nonprofit educational, social, and performing arts foundations.

Rebekah Fraser managing editor and senior consultant, is an award-winning new media producer, writer, editor, and communications consultant. Rebekah has published nearly 200 articles on subjects, including environmental management, agricultural science, business, finance, and social issues. Clients include international non-profit organizations, educational institutions, authors, and businesses. In 2012, Rebekah was named, "Woman Entrepreneur in the Digital Frontier," by the International Women's Media Foundation. Learn more about her work at www.rebekahlfraser.com.

Rik Rolski, sales director, has spent the past 20 years involved in sales and marketing, fund-raising, and call center management for a wide array of business and nonprofit organizations, including managing a successful sales force selling software training in the U.S. and Europe, and running record-breaking fund-raising campaigns for Greenpeace, UNICEF, and Oxfam USA. In addition, Rik has been a Sire/Warner Brothers artist, recording and touring nationally with Figures on a Beach and country-rock band The Darlings. He has spent several decades as a guitarist, writer, stage performer, producer, and radio DJ.

Michelle Duga, sales and administrative director, is responsible for JW DeWitt sales and business operations, as well as project management and administrative support. Michelle manages media sales and event sponsorship for ASAP Media and Strategic Alliance Magazine on behalf of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. A career entrepreneur, Michelle has also operated her own services business in western Massachusetts for many years.

Gary Lee, online media manager, is a retired math and computer instructor. He has been designing, building, and maintaining web sites and flower gardens since the mid-1990s, and he continues his creative online development for JW DeWitt, where he develops fully responsive web sites and online media along with web-based tools and apps that function on all connected devices.